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    10 Paradoxes That Will Bite You in the Ass (3rd in Series)

    Are business issues more important than people issues? Could Warren Buffett be wrong? So, why would we post an article that starts by disagreeing with him? Perhaps if only to suggest that even one of the greatest business minds of all times can succumb to a paradox.
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    Roadmap: Transitioning from catastrophes to paradoxes

    We have specifically done our best to respond to current events per the ‘COVID series’ and looking ahead we will get back to ‘business as usual’ by resuming our series on paradoxes.
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    Creating and Promoting Values

    How has this current situation affected business – particularly from the perspective of Kirchner Group’s priority of “creating value while promoting values”? Collectively and individually, each and every member of our group lives their life and career consistent with our ‘why statement’.
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    Time to Catch Your Second Wind

    Athletes and I am guessing most non-athletes are familiar with the concept of second wind. In a nutshell, it is ‘energy’ you rely on when you put your head down and push on against ongoing resistance – both physical and mental.
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    Look Up, Look Down, Look up…..You will get through this

    On a recent hike I couldn’t help, but notice the rhythm (largely subconscious) of lifting the head to see what the trail has to deliver and looking at the ground for obstacles.
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    How To Use Your Vagal Lifeline

    In light of the persistence of the current COVID-19 situation, I have chosen (more than usual) to continue to use neuroscience from still another “different” angle.
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    A Powerful Arrow For Your Catastrophe Quiver

    This is the latest (but almost certainly not the last!) effort to share ideas/resources related to dealing with the impact of world challenges: with the COVID-19 outcome still uncertain – climate issues looming that will likely dwarf COVID-19, all this against a backdrop of social and other inequalities.
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    A Metaphor For The Times

    September 24, 2020 ~ Written by: W.B. “Bud” Kirchner At Kirchner Group we have a rule of thumb: you don’t really understand something until you can describe it via metaphor.  With the COVID-19 outcome still uncertain – climate issues looming that will likely dwarf COVID-19, all this against a backdrop of social and other inequalities, we…
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Business Brain Model

Approaching business armed with the relevant principals from neuroscience and psychology including related cognitive sciences – in an integrated fashion.
Business Brain Model is a unique academic/industry collaboration devoted to integrating and promoting business and relevant principles from neuroscience and psychology including related cognitive sciences. Business Brain Model demonstrates powerful lessons can be learned at the intersection of theory, experience and practice.
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The blog post “The Most Difficult Aspect of Business is People” is a very good read and I think most if not all business owners should read it. I completely agree with the author’s thoughts about empathy. I think that most individuals tend to categorize sensitivity and the ability to understand and share feelings with weakness, therefore this always leads to there being “that guy” in most businesses. I believe that businesses that show more empathy have greater chances of success as it improves… Read more
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