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    What Does Ecological Validity Have to Do with Business?

    There are a number of ‘tests’ that the results should meet including the gold standard of medical research: randomized controlled trial. One category of validation is known as ecological validity.
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    Behavioral Economics Report Card

    On the back of a recent article that summarized “10 Lessons from Behavioral Economics” (#1) – it quickly became evident just how many of the key issues we have covered in our own articles. With this in mind, we went back to see what had been “missed” as per author Shahram Heshmat Ph.D.
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    This Will Take Your Breath Away

    This article revisits the topic with one particular technique (routine) and the documented benefits that are very relevant to the world of business: stress reduction and decision-making. What follows is a direct illustration of our objective with these blogs – namely sharing the information garnered in neuroscience that is directly relevant to business.
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    Vagus Enhancing You: Article Sidebar

    This post is an article sidebar to “Can Your Vagus Nerve Stimulate Your Business Success?” Unrelated to business (directly) but this is not to be missed information. A mode of action analysis of how the vagus works suggests it works by reducing inflammation (a modern day culprit impacting performance via a number of health issues).
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    Yin and Yang: Finding Balance Between Tacit & Explicit Knowledge

    It is inherent in the essence of business that for true success, you must be able to leverage the relevant (explicit vs tacit) knowledge based on research and trial and error with the subtleties that are learned only as you hold on to a cat’s tail. In other words, you are best served with complimentary skills/experience – a combination of both – and not the exclusion of either.
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    “Takers” – A Result of the Imp of the Perverse? Part 1: A Preposterous Explanation for Disastrous Decisions

    The concept of ‘takers’ is so foreign to me that I find myself struggling to understand how they have come to be and in midst of this query, I find myself thinking about an Edgar Allan Poe story “The Imp of the Perverse”.
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    Our View of the World is Misleading Part 2: Implications for Personal Integrity and Fiduciary Responsibilities

    Given the world view (perception) you create is subjective and constrained, mindfulness helps you to step back and see the “big picture”. In other words, it is more about thought and less about emotion.
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    How Funny is This? The Benefits of Laughter in the Workplace

    There is no shortage of lists of how laughter can lead to successful business. I have included three of these in the bibliography, but I will summarize it in a few categories that I feel are most relevant. Let me start with a cautionary note – laughter is undeniably about context – no one wants to come across as the court jester.
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I’ve always been concerned that due to the fact I am an arts student or due to the fact that I believe fairness and equality come before all that I would not be accepted in the business world but this gives me hope. The Business Brain Model emulates the perfect business structure in my opinion….
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