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    Our View of the World is Misleading Part 2: Implications for Personal Integrity and Fiduciary Responsibilities

    Given the world view (perception) you create is subjective and constrained, mindfulness helps you to step back and see the “big picture”. In other words, it is more about thought and less about emotion.
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    Our View of the World is Misleading Part 1: Implications for Personal Integrity and Fiduciary Responsibilities

    I trust after writing several articles, that I have done an adequate job of creating a case around the relevance of mindfulness (largely but not exclusively through meditation) to the world of business.
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    Makers & Takers: Why Can’t We Get This Right?

    In the context of the above, I have tried to pay tribute, in particular, to Makers and Takers: The Rise of Finance and the Fall of American Business by Rana Foroohar, which I believe is a classic when it comes to describing the dilemma. Having disclosed all this, my goal is not to bash the “bad (read taker) guy”, but to reinforce the good (read maker) guys.
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    Can Your Vagus Nerve Stimulate Your Business Success?

    Starting with a bit of history – the vagus nerve has appeared in various contexts in earlier articles. Despite these previous articles, a quick summary seems in order, especially since this topic involves so much psychological and physiological context. The vagus nerve is one of 12 cranial nerves – it being the largest. It extends from the brainstem to the abdomen by way of multiple organs, including the heart and lungs.
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    10 Paradoxes That Will Bite You in the Ass (1st in Series)

    Perhaps the best way to illustrate how this paradox works (as in “bites you”) is with a cross section (in summary form) of (just some) of the errors/biases that I have discussed in various articles. As always, I have tried to simplify (oversimplify?) the content so as to make it quickly digestible. For example: biases are not necessarily irrational (but can still be problematic).
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    How Do You Interpret the World? Perspectives on Intuition

    The purpose of this article is to share some additional perspectives on intuition themes that are fundamental components of individual thinking – and in particular, describe some of their limitations. Simply put, your intuition is your initial impressions of the world around you – before you ‘learn’ specific principles. They reflect both expectations (belief) and experience (perception).
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    How Does Chronic Stress Impact Decision Making?

    “I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” ― Mark Twain Of all of the the contexts (and I trust there are many) in which the Business Brain Model  is relevant– amongst the most important is when it comes to decision making. I have written about this from several perspectives.
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    Decision Making: A New Approach to Groupthink

    Just to be clear about terminology, groupthink is a phenomenon whereby individuals within a group strive for consensus to the extent they set aside their personal opinions and, in some cases, ‘inconsistent’ facts. While there is appeal (especially in a business context) for fast, “orderly”, “efficient” decisions, the trade-off can outweigh the benefits.
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