• resilience
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    We Aren’t Quite Tardigrades, But We Are More Resilient Than We Think

    Having set the bar impossibly (read tardigrade) high, let’s spend a bit of time on recent evidence that we are more resilient than we might at first think.
  • laughter is the best medicine
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    Here We Go Again – Promoting Laughter as a Panacea

    Laughing is an essential part of life and business. In other words, it may not just be a tool to get you through the day, but one that may help you do so more productively – not to mention how it enhances your resilience!
  • mark twain
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    From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

    My reference to ‘ridiculous’ in the title is not intended so much in the literal sense of ludicrous as much as the use of simple language with a humorous undertone. My use of the description ridiculous is in the context of something humorous including (at least in my mind) a light description of a heavy topic.
  • similarities
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    Can Incongruities and Similarities Take You To The Same Place?

    I think we all agree that a clear pathway to both a better business and a more robust life is via creative thinking. Creativity is the Holy Grail in both life and business as it leads to solving difficult problems and also new perspectives on enjoyment.
  • paradoxes
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    10 Paradoxes That Will Bite You in the Ass (3rd in Series)

    Are business issues more important than people issues? Could Warren Buffett be wrong? So, why would we post an article that starts by disagreeing with him? Perhaps if only to suggest that even one of the greatest business minds of all times can succumb to a paradox.
  • roadmap
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    Roadmap: Transitioning from catastrophes to paradoxes

    We have specifically done our best to respond to current events per the ‘COVID series’ and looking ahead we will get back to ‘business as usual’ by resuming our series on paradoxes.
  • values
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    Creating and Promoting Values

    How has this current situation affected business – particularly from the perspective of Kirchner Group’s priority of “creating value while promoting values”? Collectively and individually, each and every member of our group lives their life and career consistent with our ‘why statement’.
  • running on empty
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    Time to Catch Your Second Wind

    Athletes and I am guessing most non-athletes are familiar with the concept of second wind. In a nutshell, it is ‘energy’ you rely on when you put your head down and push on against ongoing resistance – both physical and mental.
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“I’ve enjoyed the erudition of your written work, especially your piece on “Laughter In The Workplace”; wherein you gingerly skip from Plato, Aristotle, Hobbes, and Descartes over to Kant and Schopenhauer, (by way of Freud and Spencer) with Abe Lincoln added for good measure. Each individual in your pantheon, especially lately, Kant, has provided important guideposts along the way for my own growth. I particularly appreciated your Laughter piece because it helped me to smile and be more light-he… Read more
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