What we are Sinking our Teeth into Next

What is nextNext week on the “Exploring the Business Brain Blog” I take a look at a term we all use – heavy lifting. More specifically, in the post titled “Fulcrums + Levers = Strong Business” I talk about the ‘levers’ you have (but may not know you have) and I spell out nine areas where you can use those levers and hopefully gain an advantage over your competitors.

Coming soon, I have a four-part series on nonverbal communication. Part one, titled “It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Show It,” will help you see between the lines to identify what is really being said. Part two, titled “When a Burp is a Thumbs Up,” will break down how different movements mean different things to different people. Part three, titled “A Field Guide to Nonverbal Communications,” will walk you through tips for giving and receiving nonverbal signals. And part four, titled “A Smile is Not Just a Smile,” talks about a smile you cannot fake and how to detect it – a must-have skill for anyone involved in business transactions.

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