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It is hard to think of a better concept for the times we live in other than the single word in our title - change. There are (many) quotes to come, but at this point, I can’t help but think of Marcus Aurelius who wrote that “change is nature’s delight” thus illustrating that change is actually woven into the universe.

A Field Guide to Nonverbal Communications

Part 3 of the Series on nonverbal communication. I have become intrigued by a couple broader stroke concepts regarding nonverbal communication which is where I will begin. While they are each applicable to both inbound and outbound messaging I present them here mostly in the context of delivering a convincing (nonverbal) message.

The Holistic View of Conducting Business

Now I’m not suggesting that this is some new idea I came up with. I don’t see this as the start of a new conversation. I am jumping into an existing dialogue with the hope of providing context, structure and experience to expand the dialogue.