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What Does the Greatest Polymath and Creative Business People Have in Common?

Business (like life) is arguably at its best when it is earmarked by creativity and/or innovation. In order to perpetuate this success, we constantly seek examples to learn from. Some of them do not come from the world of business. It is with all this background that we make reference to the incredible Leonardo da Vinci.

A Field Guide to Nonverbal Communications

Part 3 of the Series on nonverbal communication. I have become intrigued by a couple broader stroke concepts regarding nonverbal communication which is where I will begin. While they are each applicable to both inbound and outbound messaging I present them here mostly in the context of delivering a convincing (nonverbal) message.

The Holistic View of Conducting Business

Now I’m not suggesting that this is some new idea I came up with. I don’t see this as the start of a new conversation. I am jumping into an existing dialogue with the hope of providing context, structure and experience to expand the dialogue.