TED Talks

TED TalkFor now, we will list the TED Talks we enjoy alphabetically by the speaker’s last name. In time, as the list grows, we may break them up into subject categories.

Ruth Chang, Philosopher: “How to make hard choices

Molly Crockett, Neuroscientist: “Beware neuro-bunk

Amy Cuddy, Social Psychologist: “Your body language shapes who you are

Dan Gilbert, Psychologist and Happiness Expert: “The surprising science of happiness

Dan Gilbert, Psychologist and Happiness Expert: “Why we make bad decisions

Malcolm Gladwell, Writer: “Choice, happiness and spaghetti sauce

Malcolm Gladwell, Writer: “The strange tale of the Norden bombsight

Malcolm Gladwell, Writer: “The unheard story of David and Goliath

Steve Jobs, Co-founder Apple and Pixar: “How to live before you die

Sir Ken Robinson, Author/Educator: “Do schools kill creativity?

Simon Sinek, Leadership Expert: “How great leaders inspire action

Benjamin Zander, Conductor: “The transformative power of classical music