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A Field Guide to Nonverbal Communications

Part 3 of the Series on nonverbal communication. I have become intrigued by a couple broader stroke concepts regarding nonverbal communication which is where I will begin. While they are each applicable to both inbound and outbound messaging I present them here mostly in the context of delivering a convincing (nonverbal) message.

Man in black suit in a thinking pose with hands clasped close to face

It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Show It. Nonverbal: Part One

September 7, 2015 ~ Written by: W.B. “Bud” Kirchner “When ideas fail – words come in handy.” ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe One can’t help but wonder if Goethe would include nonverbal communication here I became convinced of the power of nonverbal communication by a little boy who never spoke a word to me, yet...

People Based Due Diligence

One of the most universal techniques in business is due diligence. We all use it prior to adding new clients or suppliers and in investing in new companies and new relationships. However, what is not universal is the order of the process.

Are you Creating Environments Designed to Enhance Relationships?

First let me establish a fundamental – business is about relationships and relationships are nurtured in their environment! Your ability to communicate, your reciprocal sense of trust, your ability to make decisions on imperfect information – is heavily influenced by your environment.