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The Most Difficult Aspect of Business is People

I have long said the three most important things about a business are people (customers), people (employees) and people (managers). But all too often, business is placed in a category of interaction where people and society and empathy don’t matter.

Am I Being All That I Can Be

You’ve heard of the “impossible” 4-minute mile right? Until Roger Bannister broke the barrier (3 minutes 59.4 seconds to be exact) on May 6, 1954, it was unthinkable that a human could run a mile in under 4 minutes (wish those people could see Usain Bolt).

Fulcrums + Levers = Strong Business

So let’s think about ‘heavy lifting’ outside of the metaphor for one paragraph. You, yes you reading this - you can only lift as much as your muscles and tendons allow. The only way you can exceed your core strength, your inherent strength, is with a lever. And with the proper lever you can move heavy using less force; you can propel faster despite less speed; and you can send an object a lot further with less push/pull.