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From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

My reference to ‘ridiculous’ in the title is not intended so much in the literal sense of ludicrous as much as the use of simple language with a humorous undertone. My use of the description ridiculous is in the context of something humorous including (at least in my mind) a light description of a heavy topic.

running on empty

Time to Catch Your Second Wind

Athletes and I am guessing most non-athletes are familiar with the concept of second wind. In a nutshell, it is ‘energy’ you rely on when you put your head down and push on against ongoing resistance – both physical and mental.

Yin and Yang: Finding Balance Between Tacit & Explicit Knowledge

It is inherent in the essence of business that for true success, you must be able to leverage the relevant (explicit vs tacit) knowledge based on research and trial and error with the subtleties that are learned only as you hold on to a cat’s tail. In other words, you are best served with complimentary skills/experience – a combination of both – and not the exclusion of either.

Something to Chew On?!

“We use four metaphors a minute, one for every 25 words or so.” – Katy Waldman. Obviously, something being used so often is important – likely in more than one way and it seems for quite some while: The word originates from the Greek word metaphorá, meaning to transfer, to carry over.

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A Smile is Not Just a Smile. Nonverbal: Part Four

Sept. 28, 2015 ~ Written by: W.B. “Bud” Kirchner This is the final installment of our series on nonverbal communication. So far, here is what I have covered: “Part One: It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Show It” (what to look for) “Part Two: When a Burp is a Thumbs Up: Culturing Your...

What do your Mother, a Car Salesman and a Hare Krishna devotee have in Common

November 20, 2015 ~ Written by: W.B. “Bud” Kirchner Answer: They all know more about aspects of the Business Brain Model than you do! Is this possible given your years in business and/or your higher education? Simply put – yes. “It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance.” ~ Thomas Sowell...